About bakery


The bakery 'Laragis', Ltd. was established in June 1994 in Kaunas.The employees of the Bakery have been taking care of providing the Customers with the high quality of tasty, fragrant, good-looking products of bread and cakes for about 90 years.The production is made by means of a traditional Lithuanian cooking. All raw materials used for baking comply with the quality standards of the state.There are about 100 types of bread, cakes and confectionery baked at the bakery every day. The customers of the Bakery include supermarkets, shops, and restaurants, medical, educational and training institutions. Daily production is delivered by 15 company cars to many Lithuanian cities, countries and towns. The production is also being successfully exported to other countries of the EU.


Bread is one of the oldest and most fundamental product of human, used to be consumed together with the discovery of grain culture. Cereal grains from the primary crops were started to be collected, milled and baked at the time when the people still didn't know how to cultivate the land, but knew how to start a fire.

UAB "Laragis", Mūšos st. 2, LT-47176 Kaunas. LITHUANIA.
Tel. +370 37 360 427; +370 37 361 924; Fax +370 37 360 301 E-mail

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