UAB „Laragis“
Kalvarijos str. 128D Kaunas; LT-46403
Company code 234136710
VAT payer`s code LT341367113
Tel:      +37037360427; +37037361924;


Tel. +37037360666


Tel.:   +37037360427; +37037361924
El. paštas

Brand shop

>„Laragis“ LTD brand shop may be found at the address Kalvarijos str. 128D, Kaunas, Lithuania. At the shop you will be able to buy fresh bread and confectionary products at manufacturer`s prices. Working hours   I-V - 8:00-18:30; VI - 8:00-17:00; VII – rest day

Information for clients

To get information, offers or order products, please contact:

Tel.:   +37037360427; +37037361924; +37061481334


Quality ph.

Do you have any complaints or want to compliment the quality? Please call tel. +37037361924, arba rašyti el. paštu

Bread is one of the oldest and most fundamental product of human, used to be consumed together with the discovery of grain culture. Cereal grains from the primary crops were started to be collected, milled and baked at the time when the people still didn't know how to cultivate the land, but knew how to start a fire.

UAB "Laragis", Mūšos st. 2, LT-47176 Kaunas. LITHUANIA.
Tel. +370 37 360 427; +370 37 361 924; Fax +370 37 360 301 E-mail

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