The assortment of the Bakery 'Laragis' contains about 100 types of products, the assortment is continuously being updated taking the changes in the market and customer requests into account. We are to offer a wide variety of selection of buns with cinnamon, sesame seeds, jam or other fillings for a breakfast table. There is a variety of puff pastry cakes, flavored with coffee, chocolate, apricot, and other fillings to choose for a sophisticated customer. Fresh bright or dark bread is perfect with a plate of soup for a dining table. A cup of tea with a cake with poppy seeds or nuts suite for the evening read. We can offer a traditional pie called 'Friendship baked in ancient way. It is perfect for both family and guests. One can have toasted bread with garlic by a pint of beer while sitting with friends and watching Lithuanian basketball. 

Bread is one of the oldest and most fundamental product of human, used to be consumed together with the discovery of grain culture. Cereal grains from the primary crops were started to be collected, milled and baked at the time when the people still didn't know how to cultivate the land, but knew how to start a fire.

UAB "Laragis", Mūšos st. 2, LT-47176 Kaunas. LITHUANIA.
Tel. +370 37 360 427; +370 37 361 924; Fax +370 37 360 301 E-mail

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