Wheat bread

Toasting bread

The toasting bread of a particularly dense structure of the section is baked of top quality wheat flour; it is of a rectangular shape, mild flavor. The bread becomes crispy if toasted and the inside remains soft. Perfect for hot sandwiches with slice of sausage and salad leaves.

Weight of bread is 500g. and 250g.

Deadline of selling is 4 days.

Sandwhich bread

It is the wheat bread of the unique form, perfect for everyday use, baked of top quality wheat flour.

Weight of bread is 500g

Deadline of selling is 4 days

Bread is one of the oldest and most fundamental product of human, used to be consumed together with the discovery of grain culture. Cereal grains from the primary crops were started to be collected, milled and baked at the time when the people still didn't know how to cultivate the land, but knew how to start a fire.

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